Research Results

Representative results from the research activity are presented here:

Structural analysis with unilateral joints

Bolted steel structure joints (Research Collaborators: Dr. G. Drosopoulos, Prof. K. M. Abdalla). Bolted connections in steel and other metallic structures exhibit complex nonlinear behaviour. These effects are studied numerically and experimentally.

Structural analysis and control of smart structures

Composite piezoelectric beams with robust or neurofuzzy control (Research Collaborators: Dr. A. Moutsopoulou, Prof. A. Pouliezos, Dr. G. Foutzitsi, Asst. Prof. E. Hadjigeorgiou, Prof. E. Zacharenakis, Prof. D. Marinova)

Structural analysis and reinforcement of monuments

Limit analysis of stone bridges (Research Collaborators: Dr. G. Drosopoulos, Dr. M.E. Stavroulaki)

Topology optimization of structures and mechanisms

Design of multipurpose compliance mechanisms using topology optimization (Research Collaborators: N. Kaminakis)

Global optimization, usage of evolutionary and swarm intelligence algorithms

Particle swarm optimization for fine tuning of fuzzy controllers in smart systems, topology optimization etc. (Research Collaborators: Dr. Y. Marinakis, Dr. M. Marinaki)

Parameter identification methods and inverse problems

Crack and defect identification. Application of neural networks for the structural health monitoring in curtain-wall systems (Research Collaborators: Dr. Ch. Efstathiades, C.C. Baniotopoulos, P. Nazarko)

Software development

Using MATLAB/SIMULINK, parallel and grid computers

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