Institute of Computational Mechanics and Optimization

Technical University of Crete

About Us

The Institute of Computational Mechanics and Optimization (Co.Mec.O) was founded in 2006 and since then is continuously developing.

The development and exploitation of nonsmooth and nonconvex analysis and methods allows for the solution of modern, demanding technological applications. Historically the combination between ns – nc optimization and mechanics has been developed for the study of unilateral contact/impact problems and problems of elastoplasticity and constitutes the area of nonsmooth mechanics.

Our research is focused on the development of theory, algorithms and software for the solution of modern computational mechanics and optimization problems. The development of scientific software deals with topics of structural analysis, computational mechanics and optimization, as well as the support of relevant research and development activities, in close cooperation with various partners.

The Institute is equipped with modern, high performance computing facilities and software suitable for the development of methods and analysis of applications in computational mechanics and optimization. Among the hardware facilities, we can mention the access to the grid computer of the Technical University of Crete, as well as our own two rack type servers equipped with eight processors and dedicated to scientific computing. The fellow workers of the Institute work on a variety of software platforms, mainly public domain, for finite and boundary elements and optimization, including code-aster, z88, matlab/simulink, comsol/multiphysics etc. We have access to various experimental facilities through an extensive network of cooperation.

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